Advocating & Providing Virtual Work Opportunities For Christian Women


Are you a woman looking for quality work from home?

Are you a woman suffering from PCOS, Endometriosis or any other health condition that keeps you from being able to work a full time job?

Are you a mother wanting to be a stay at home mom, but also has a desire to provide for her family?

Egret Virtual Assisting understands the need and desire to work from home and provide financially for the family. Finding stable work from home opportunities can be a daunting task. Let us help you find quality work with quality businesses!



An Egret is a symbiotic bird - they perch on the backs of larger mammals forming a mutually beneficial relationship. The egret works hard to remove the annoying pests on the shoulders and back of their larger partner, giving the host some much needed peace of mind and relief as they tackle the plains of the wilderness. The egret flies free and chooses where and when to land and do its part. The egret is freedom.


How can we help you?

Egret.Work is not an employment agency taking substantial portions of your hard earned hourly wages, nor are we a high fee seeking virtual assistant agency - charging thousands to match client with assistant then disappearing. Rather, we are an organization searching for quality virtual job opportunities, while providing coaching, training, and community for the VA clients we diligently serve.

We are a Christ-following organization following Gods will, our mission is to aid His families around the country by connecting His hard working daughters with God fearing businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in a mutually beneficial partnership, while adhering to biblical values.

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